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Board & Staff

Meet the Staff

  • Riley Mitas - Administrative & Events Coordinator
    Riley Mitas - Administrative & Events Coordinator

    I’m so excited and honored to work for such an awesome agency! I was born and raised in Omaha, and I received my degree in Social Work from UNO. I previously was a practicum student for ALS in the Heartland, and I liked it so much I asked to stay! Outside of work and school, I enjoy spending time with my pets. I have two dogs and a cat that keep me very busy. It’s an honor for me to be able to work with people impacted with ALS and do what I can to help. I’m looking forward to building relationships with everyone affected by ALS!

  • Blaine Morse - Patient Services & Equipment Specialist
    Blaine Morse - Patient Services & Equipment Specialist

    I am both excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to work for ALS in the Heartland. I have worked in the durable medical equipment field for 12+ years, serving Nebraska and Western Iowa. In my free time I love spending time with my family, camping, being outdoors, attending sporting events, live music and walking my dogs.

    I had an amazing Grandmother pass away from ALS in 2014. I’m just so thankful to be able to work for an organization that can help individuals and families that need our help TODAY!

  • Emily Rokon – Patient Services Coordinator
    Emily Rokon – Patient Services Coordinator

    I am honored to be given the opportunity to work at ALS in the Heartland as Patient Services Coordinator. I grew up in Mondamin, IA, a small town about an hour north of Omaha. I received my bachelors in Psychology from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. I moved to Omaha in 2011. In 2018, I completed my Masters in Social Work from UNO and am now pursuing my mental health license.

    Outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends. We enjoy being outside, playing with our two pups, and exploring all the wonderful activities and events Omaha has to offer.

    I consider working for ALS in the Heartland a blessing and look forward to doing my part in helping our clients and their families as they navigate the ALS journey.

  • Tammy Stalzer – Executive Director
    Tammy Stalzer – Executive Director

    I joined ALS in the Heartland in April 2009 after working nearly a decade in child welfare. I enjoy spending much of my time at ALS in the Heartland writing grants and fundraising, knowing the majority of the dollars donated will go directly to support the patient families we serve. I am honored to get to know the many individuals with ALS, families, friends, and community members who are supportive of the fight to end the debilitating disease of ALS. I have so much hope for the future of ALS in the Heartland and ALS.

    In my free time, I enjoy being with my husband and two daughters. Also, I like exercising, reading, and friendships. I am truly blessed!

Meet the Volunteer Board of Directors

  • Kay Crocker
    Kay Crocker

    Kay Crocker is currently a Field Access Specialist for Regeneron Healthcare Solutions. In this role, Kay works with medical specialists and cardiologists throughout Nebraska and Kansas to ensure optimal access to Regeneron’s LDL cholesterol lowering medication Praluent. Kay has been in the healthcare industry for 18 years, but has always found the time to volunteer in our community. She has served on The Angels Among Us Guild, The Hope Center Guild, and was a Junior League Member. Kay has also been very active within the Elkhorn Public Schools as a Spring Ridge PTO member, Elkhorn Ridge Middle School Booster Club Vice-President and President and Skyline Elementary PTO Secretary.

    Kay graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a minor in Psychology. Kay and her husband, Joey, live in Skyline Ranches in Elkhorn. They have three boys, Henry (14), George (11), and Jack (8), two dogs and two chickens. Kay and her family enjoy many outdoor activities, cooking, spending time with family and friends and traveling.

  • Brian Dervin – Board Treasurer
    Brian Dervin – Board Treasurer

    I became involved with ALS in the Heartland late in 2007 when the former treasurer contacted me with some issues regarding IRS compliance. I was able to resolve those issues and give the organization some guidance on IRS compliance. When the former treasurer had to resign I saw a perfect opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering my services to the organization. I was so impressed with the passion the Board and the staff had in serving the needs of ALS patients in the area. This is truly a group that is dedicated to serving their fellow man and I am proud to be associated with them.

  • Veronica Galas
    Veronica Galas

    Veronica worked at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company for 28 years. She was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mutual First Federal Credit Union for 13 years. Veronica was a volunteer for the United Way Campaign, College World Series ticket sales, Nebraska Public Television fundraiser, Omaha Symphony Designer Show house volunteer, and campaign chairman for the St. Vincent dePaul Shelter Christmas drive for 5 years. Veronica earned a Bachelor of Science in Management degree and a Master’s Degree in Management from Bellevue University. Veronica has been married to Rich Galas for for almost 50 years. They have 2 daughters, Heather Galas-Morris and Trisha Zook, and 4 grandchildren.

  • Dan Goaley – Board President
    Dan Goaley – Board President

    I currently serve as Board President and am a founding member of the Board. However, I feel as if it is a “title” only and that our Board acts as one to provide care and services to the people we serve. Dan is a partner at OMNE Partners. His expertise includes investment property acquisitions and dispositions of commercial real estate. Goaley has been involved in commercial real estate since 1995. Goaley is proud to be a part of ALSITH since its founding in 2006.

  • Shirlee Goaley – Board Secretary
    Shirlee Goaley – Board Secretary

    Retired Executive Assistant, current Community Volunteer, Founding member of ALS in the Heartland, Secretary of the Board of Directors of ALS in the Heartland

    My family and I shared the ALS journey with my husband, Don, who lost his battle in 2004. Our goal in establishing ALS in the Heartland was to use our experience and gained knowledge to offer, free of charge, emotional support, physical assistance, resource information, and needed equipment, to other ALS patients and families in our own community.

  • Kurt Grote – Board Vice President
    Kurt Grote – Board Vice President

    I initially found out about ALS when a good friend of mine was diagnosed with the disease when he was 26 years old. Since then, my aunt has passed away from ALS and a friend of mine from college lost her husband to this horrible disease. I have been actively involved in the fight against ALS for over ten years.

    My wife, Kristen, and I live in Blair and have four kids: Ashley, Cody, Emma, and Adam. I work at American National Bank in Omaha and my wife is a dental hygienist at Heartland Family Dentistry in Blair.

  • Mandi Lackas
    Mandi Lackas

    Hi there, I’m Mandi Lackas. When my dear friend, Stacie Rhea, was diagnosed with ALS…we all knew what her future would hold. Her grandmother and mother had both passed from ALS in previous years, so Stacie knew her journey would be a rough one and the outcome was not promising. After witnessing firsthand the struggles and devastation ALS causes to its victims and their families, and watching Stacie suffer in her short time left…I knew something had to be done. Stacie lost her battle with ALS in 2010 and at that point I knew I needed to be more involved in spreading awareness. I came upon ALS in the Heartland and knew it was a true fit for achieving my goal.

    I am a Realtor licensed in Nebraska under Nebraska Realty. Working with homeowners to sell their current homes, and buyers looking for just the right new house to fit their needs. Along with real estate, I assist new construction and remodeling customers with design and finishes for their new homes.

    Sitting on the Board of Directors for ALSITH is an honor and a pleasure. Together with the staff, other Board Members, and all of the incredible volunteers…we can make a huge difference in the lives of those who suffer. I know Stacie is proud of the work we do and is looking down with so much pride!

  • Ric Miller
    Ric Miller

    I feel truly blessed to be a part of ALS in the Heartland because of the caring nature of each staff person, board member and person/family being served. With almost 20 years of my professional life being devoted to serving others with disabilities, a terminal disease and aging frailties, I have always looked with a curious eye at those who lead the organization and truly follow the mission. The leaders of ALS in the Heartland carry the Mission Statement like a banner of honor, and I am proud to join their ranks in 2012.

    What do I bring to my role of volunteer leadership on the Board? I bring experience in fundraising, development, marketing and the gift of creativity. I also bring my endless compassion and respect for “friends” with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their families. People who were dealt a very bad hand in the game of life, but insist on playing it out with integrity and honor.

    My wife and I live in Northwest Omaha. Pam is a pharmacist at The Nebraska Medical Center. We have two wonderful children.

  • John Patterson
    John Patterson

    My wife, Sharon, was diagnosed with ALS, and I remember the doctor looking at her and saying “there is no known cause, and no known cure.” After meeting with the doctor my wife and I went to a support group. We came home to the kitchen table and decided everything we needed to do. My wife said to me “we need to help others who are affected with this while we can.” I agreed and made a commitment to my wife that is what we would do. Still today I am following up on the commitment I made to my wife and doing all I can for those affected with ALS. My commitment is my passion and that is why I am here at ALS in the heartland – to find a cause and to find a cure.

  • Kathy Pecha
    Kathy Pecha

    My husband, John, passed away from ALS in 1996.

    Four years ago, I was asked to join ALS in the Heartland Board of Directors. Immediately, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Having gone through John’s illness without this type of support system just reassured me that it was the thing to do. We have a hard working Board and many volunteers that strive to provide the services the patient and their caregivers need – mentally, physically and spiritually. Of course, our main goal is a cure for ALS but until then we will continue to work hard to provide those services.

  • Dolores Poulin
    Dolores Poulin

    Our family was greatly impacted by the challenge of ALS when my husband, Roger, was diagnosed in 2004 with this degenerative neurologic disease. Even though I am an experienced registered nurse, there is no way my family and I could have been fully prepared to deal with the changes that ALS brought for Roger. We were blessed to receive the dedicated support we needed, both physically and emotionally, from ALS in the Heartland.

    I am honored to have now served for two years on the Board of Directors for this dynamic organization that contributes significantly to improving the quality of life for patients and families affected by this devastating disease. Our staff and board members work diligently to ensure that no family walks this journey alone.

  • Jacquie Stewart
    Jacquie Stewart

    My name is Jacquie Stewart and my journey with ALS began in 2000 when my Grandmother was diagnosed. In 2002, when I was 19, I moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Council Bluffs, Iowa to help care for my grandma. She was a registered nurse by occupation, but was forced to retire when her symptoms started. She lost her battle to ALS in 2008, but it was her stories and guidance that inspired me to become a registered nurse and then go on to become a nurse practitioner. Currently I live in Syracuse, Nebraska with my husband and our two daughters.

    I became a board member with ALS in the Heartland in the spring of 2009. ALS in the Heartland was an organization that I wanted to be a part of not only because of all the help they were able to offer us in our time of need, but also because I saw all the potential that the organization possesses. There are so many ways that we are able to help people in Nebraska and Western Iowa who are fighting this terrible disease, and that is something I knew I could be proud to say that I was a part of.

  • Christopher Richard “Chip” Tracey
    Christopher Richard “Chip” Tracey

    Born Pittsfield, Massachusetts
    Avid Red Sox fan
    BA English
    Peddler 1990 thru 2008
    Fine Gifts, Diamonds, Seiko
    Presently Regional Manager Regal Advertising
    Lost my dad April 1991 to ALS
    Extremely interested in patient care and a future cure.

  • Dave Trebold
    Dave Trebold

    I reside in Beatrice, and am retired from being the V.P. of Manufacturing at The Store Kraft Mfg. Co. of which I was a part of since 1972

    My interest and current involvement with ALS started in December of 2003 when my wife Judy was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Knowing nothing about this disease, our family quickly tried to educate ourselves because we found that the local medical profession knew very little as well. Thru the MDA, ALS in the Heartland support Group and Dr. Pattee in Lincoln we knew that there was no cure and no symptoms that indicate you have it. We found that the support group was the only method for each family that was experiencing this disease, and could share feelings, health related issues and ways to make things somewhat tolerable. That’s one of the many things ALS in the Heartland provides today. I am proud to be a member of this Board and hope for a cure soon.