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Mission & History

Since its founding in 2006, ALS in the Heartland has assisted thousands of individuals with ALS, their families, and caregivers, one by one, to improve their quality of life, provide them with much-needed goods and services, and assist in maintaining their dignity for as long as possible. ALS in the Heartland exists to provide the highest quality of support and care for people living with ALS and their families in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.  ALS in the Heartland is not funded by or associated with the National ALS Association (ALSA). They are a separate resource we encourage you to also utilize.

Throughout the past seventeen years ALS in the Heartland has:

  • Served in 77 counties.
  • Aided in keeping over 60% of ALS individuals in their homes throughout their illness.
  • Provided thousands of respite grants, or breaks from the emotionally and physically taxing role of caregiving.
  • Supplied thousands of pieces of equipment to people with ALS. 
  • Received feedback that 96% of patient families have found ALS in the Heartland services helpful and needed.

ALS in the Heartland is honored to travel this journey with those touched by ALS.