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ALS Home Modification Program

ALS in the Heartland has contracted with the City of Omaha to provide an ALS Home Modification Project. This project will provide residential barrier removal accessibility modifications for homeowner or rental households. In addition, the project includes needs assessments and technical assistance throughout the home modification process  by a project design supervisor that is a licensed Occupational Therapist employed by Key Complete Therapies. 

Who is Eligible?

People with ALS who live in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, and meet low to moderate-income guidelines. They may own or rent their home. 

To be eligible for the ALS home modification program, participants must meet the income guidelines listed below: 

Family Size          Income Less Than 

1                               $48,200

2                               $55,050

3                               $61,950

4                               $68,800

5                               $74,350

6                               $79,850

7                               $85,350

8                               $90,850


What is Covered

Durable modifications to the home costing up to $5,000, that are not covered by medical insurances such as ramps, doorway widening and simple bathroom modifications. These modifications must meet certain requirements, must be able to be able to be accomplished quickly, be authorized by ALS in the Heartland before any work is started, and be code compliant. Professional assistance by a project design supervisor is included to help plan and manage the project. If you qualify for equipment using your insurance, professional assistance to document the need for the equipment and work with a medical equipment vendor is included.

Examples of Items Covered

Some examples could include: 

  • Aluminum or steel modular ramps that meet UFAS code
  • Vertical platform lifts if a ramp wouldn't work - Note, this would likely need to be a used system (with one year warranty parts/labor) if available at the time due to the amount of the grant
  •  Door hardware, hinges, widening, power openers
  • Ceiling based lift - Note, this would likely need to be used (with one year warranty parts/labor) if available at the time due to the amount of the grant
  • Handrails, stair glides
  • Taller toilets, Bidets attached to toilet grab bars
  • Grab bars for Bathtubs or Showers. Seats that are attached to the structure. Hand held showers.

How it Works

  • Contact ALS in the Heartland to complete a project application. 
  • ALS in the Heartland will use the application and other required document to assure you meet the program requirements. 
  • The Project Design Supervisor  will meet with you over two or more visits to provide an assessment, develop a scope of work for the project with your input, communicate with your landlord if you rent, and identify a need for additional therapies if you wish.
  •  The Project Design Supervisor will insure the scope of work meets the program guidelines and submit it to qualified contractors. They will meet contractors at your home in certain cases. They will obtain quotes for you and review them with you and your landlord if applicable.
  •  When you select a contractor, The Project Design Supervisor will meet with you and the contractor to insure that all product, color, etc choices are made, review the scope of work, and insure documentation required by the program is in place. They will submit all documentation to ALS in the Heartland.
  • ALS in the Heartland will review and submit the documentation to the City of Omaha Planning Department who will review it to insure it meets program guidelines and to complete Environmental Impact and Historical Reviews.When the project is approved, ALS in the Heartland will notify you and the The Project Design Supervisor. They will work with you and the contractor you selected to obtain a project start date. On or before the start date, they will meet with the contractor for a final review of the scope of work. Depending upon the length of the project, they will visit the work site periodically and is available to mediate any issues that arise.
  •  When the project is completed, The Project Design Supervisor will provide training and document the completion of the work. They will submit documentation to ALS in the Heartland. 
  • The contractor will submit their bill to The Project Design Supervisor and receive payment from ALS in the Heartland on your behalf.


What if my project costs more than $5,000, or part of what I need is not covered by the project funding?

ALS in the Heartland can allow families to pay for portions of projects out of pocket. This will require a separate and individual contract with
the selected contractor which will be kept separate from the grant related contract. ALS in the Heartland recognizes that other agencies may be able to contribute to a project, but is unable to provide funding coordination at this time. Time is of the essence for the utilization of funds and time limits may constrain funding coordination. One contractor/installer per project is also required to keep project time as low as possible.

Do I get to select the contractor?

Yes. ALS in the Heartland will provide a service to help you locate qualified contractors, obtain and track bids, and review the bids, but you will select the contractor. If you have a licensed contractor not currently on our list, we will interview them and determine if they meet the guidelines and are willing to
provide the documentation required by the grant. The contract to do work is actually between you and the contractor with the funds coming from a grant obtained by ALS in the Heartland. ALS in the Heartland will distribute payment directly to the contractor according to the terms of the grant.

What if I have a problem during the process?

A project design supervisor who is not working either for ALS in the Heartland, The City of Omaha, or the contractors doing the work is made available to you to assist with preparing plans,assisting with communication, and insuring that the work is completed as specified. Typically you will contact this individual first. If you are having difficulty this person can't assist with, you may contact Tammy Stalzer who is the Executive Director of ALS in the Heartland - (402) 592-2374.  

What if I rent my home?

The funds can be used to provide a modification that will benefit you as long as your landlord gives permission in writing. The project design supervisor working with you will facilitate communication with your landlord and help develop a plan that is acceptable to you both. The grant does not cover removal of the modification, so care will be taken to develop plans that the landlord is comfortable leaving in place or that is easily and inexpensively removed.

How do I get started?

Contact ALS in the Heartland to complete a project application. You can email Tammy at, or call the office at (402) 592-2374. 

Do I need a Physician referral?

We hope that area physicians will refer their patients with ALS, but no, you do not need a Physician's referral to get started. Your Physician will be contacted as needed. Portions of the professional assistance by an Occupational Therapist experienced in Home Modifications may be covered by your insurance. The service
includes screening for a need for additional skilled services of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and
language services. You do not have to agree to additional services. You do not have to utilize Key Complete Therapies
the provider of the project design supervisor for additional skilled services.